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5 safety features you need in your car now...or whenever you start driving again.

Safety has been a primary focus for car manufacturers for decades and is even more critical now. With the help of AI and technology, advanced safety features in cars are becoming the standard.

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5 headlines we're rooting for in the 2020s

While making predictions seems presumptuous for a tiny insurtech startup, here at Avinew we read A LOT and we’ve got hopes and dreams for the 2020s just like everybody else.

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Soon, auto insurance will look totally different. And it should.

The auto insurance industry really hasn’t changed much since its inception nearly 100 years ago - but that’s all about to be history.

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Why is auto insurance so confusing?

We don’t think that the ins-and-outs of the insurance business should be a black box. In fact, we know that the better informed our customers are, the happier (and safer) everybody will be. So we took some of the most common auto insurance questions to our claims expert, Steve Bentz.

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AV, what?

We’ve all been told to ready ourselves for the new world of autonomous vehicles rapidly approaching. But what exactly does that mean and what characteristics will the cars of the future have?

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Top ten reasons to join a startup

Thinking about joining a startup? Here are a few (actually 10) of the Avinew teams’ favorite things about startup life. Spoiler alert: innovation, culture, creativity and teamwork included.

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Jeremy Snyder talks about autonomous vehicles, car safety, tesla, avinew, insurtech & business leaders in his 10 questions.

10 Questions for Avinew COO, Jeremy Snyder

What is your dream car? What business or technology person do you admire most? What book do you recommend to other business professionals or entrepreneurs?

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ADAS Advanced driver assistance systems

Decoding ADAS

Here's our rundown of the coolest vehicle safety features and what they do to help keep you safe. We've also included some "behind the wheel" details on ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems)...

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My first time...driving in Autopilot

Earlier this week, I had an experience that was both intimidating and thrilling. But mostly thrilling. During my LA rush hour commute, I drove our company's Tesla Model S in Autopilot for the first time.

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10 Questions with Avinew Founder & CEO, Dan Peate

What person in the business or technology world do you admire most? What was your first job? Which area of technology excites you most?

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Life after Tesla

Nearly everyone has been there - reaching that point in your career when the time comes for a new challenge.

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This is my favorite, what’s yours?

With each passing year, vehicle manufacturers are integrating more Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) into the cars we buy.

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When it Comes to Cars, Safe is the New Cool

I can recall thinking that being licensed to drive would lift my social status to cool. Driving and the freedom that it provides…

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Goodbye, Driav. Hello, Avinew.

Today we are launching our new name as a first step in the refresh of our brand and identity overall. Our vision…

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