Today we are launching our new name as a first step in the refresh of our brand and identity overall. Our vision to reinvent auto insurance for drivers of semi-autonomous vehicles has not changed. In fact, our commitment to be bold, innovative and spark reinvention is stronger than ever. While we loved the name DRIAV, it was tough for almost everyone to pronounce and it didn’t amplify our vision in the way we needed it to. We realized that a simple, distinctive name that was more aligned with our vision would serve us better in the long run.

Introducing Avinew \ ˈa-və-ˌnü

According to Merriam Webster, the word Avenue (French origin) was first used in 1600 to literally mean “a way of access.” Now, more than 400 years later, the team at Avinew is focused on recreating auto insurance to help pave the way for a safe, seamless transition to autonomous vehicles (AV).We are designing Autonomous Vehicle Insurance for a New era – one in which AVs will change our roads and avenues. That’s why we chose to spell the age-old word avenue in a new way. Avinew takes a word imbued with meaning and modernizes it to emphasize our focus on reinventing auto insurance for the people and AVs that will reinvent our avenues and roadways.

TL;DR: We changed our name!

The team at Avinew